If you want to go from sporadic Test Drives to 1,000 Test Drives in a short time, knowing that 2% (20 cars) will potentially be purchased on the spot, then my method could potentially help your company with this…






If you want to get:




I’m going to tell you a story that even if you don’t hire me, it will help you get more Test Drives for your car brand.


Years ago I did a Master Degree in Direct Marketing at ESIC/ICEMD (Madrid, Spain), and in the closing speech Joost van Nispen (Founder) told us how he got his first client in South Africa.


He had been given the opportunity to open an Ogilvy office in Johannesburg, during apartheid. And time passed and I did not get clients.


Until he made a braai, South African barbecue, for the managers of the main multinationals.


He got his first client and today Ogilvy continues to be one of the leading Advertising Agencies on the African continent.


The moral of this story is that if your potential customers «try» your product you will sell more cars.


We’ll see:

  • That there is no reason for the potential customer to test drive your car, and potential sales will be lost.
  • That most of your potential customers have possibly never driven your brand.
  • More Test Drives = More cars sold.


And now I’m going to tell you something that could considerably increase your company turnover.


The problem is the lack of interest in visiting car dealers, and the last minute visit to the nearest car dealer.


The solution: bring the car closer to the customer, wherever he is.


Test Drives move dealerships to the target audience (potential customers) of each car model.


In a single BTL promotion you can get as many Test Drives in several days as the car dealers in a city have in several months.

But, first, I must put you in situation.


There are two types of Test Drives, those implemented by very good professionals and the rest. The very good ones not only know how to get quality Test Drives, but also how to drive sales and build a quality database of potential buyers for months to come.


It only compensates you to work with one of the first. Distinguishing them is very easy if I give you this example…


A Marketing agency would propose that you carry out a massive action by postal mail to individuals.


With a response rate of 1-2%.


Other than it’s not very effective, do you have a database of hundreds of thousands of potential customers who are your target audience?


A real Test Drives Consultant would tell you the ideal number of Test Drives per promoter, how to select the right event location, how to maximize car sales, and how to minimize costs.


So at this point in the reading you should already be understanding me.


Everybody knows that the buying process is:


See –> Drive –> Buy


What I’m proposing you is give you my know-how so that you can implement it at any time, in any city, as many times as you want.

Or launching myself this BTL Test Drive promotion.

100% focused on achieving results.

The value and impact of getting 1,000 Test Drives are:

Estimated sales of 2% cars (20) in situ

– Quality databases
– Brand image
– Marketing experience
– Product testing
– Word of mouth advertising

This Test Drive Marketing Consulting has 3 options:

Option 1, Strategy and Tactics: We will see how to get 1,000 Test Drives from potential buyers in the location where they are. We will see the recruitment process for your car; how to select and train the entire team of promoters; the best strategy to close sales in situ; how to create a qualified database of potential clients; and how to get positive and negative feedback from the car model.


Option 2, Execution: In addition to option 1, I will be in charge, in coordination with a person from your team, of selecting and negotiating the location; select the promoter team; Select and negotiate with all the suppliers involved in the implementation of the Test Drive marketing action. I will also be present on promotion days to supervise. 


Option 3, Exclusivity: In addition to option 2, I will only work with your brand in 2023 anywhere in the world. This ensures a greater impact.



Option 1, it will be 1 day in your office

Options 2 & 3, it will be Option 1 + 4 days afterwards to prepare the entire execution + 10 days during the promotion.


Your accountabilities will include:

  • Give me access to the person in charge of project management, and to the selection and negotiation with suppliers.
  • Share data in real time on the start-up and execution of the campaign.
  • Give me your personal mobile number, and answer my emails within 24 hours.
  • Respect and not share this information and knowledge that I’m sharing with you.


And my responsibilities will include:

  • Meet all agreed deadlines.
  • Notify you of any incident.
  • Give you my personal phone number, and answer your emails within a maximum period of 24 hours.


We both commit to:

  • Notify the other of any situation that could threaten the objective of achieving 1,000 Test Drives within the agreed period.



The price for Option 1, Strategy and Tactics, is $30,000 (USD).

The price for Option 2, Execution, is $130,000 (USD).

The price for Option 3, Exclusivity, is $250,000 (USD).



  • Payment 100% in advance. VAT included.
  • Transportation, lodging and diet expenses included.
  • English & Spanish availability.
  • The project cannot be canceled for any reason. You can change dates with mutual approval.


If what you have read on this page fits you and you want to know more, we could have an online meeting.

In 10 min I will show you a practical case.

To do this, please write me an email answering these questions:

– Name

-Car brand,

-If you are the decision maker


– 2 possible dates for the online meeting

This email:


Best regards,

David López